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Teacher . Appointed Leader . Business Owner

I am an educator, small business owner and loving husband. I was born in Krakow, Poland. My family left the country when Eastern Europe was controlled by the Soviet Union. I have lived in San Antonio, Texas for most of my life. I studied hard and graduated from Texas A&M San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. 

A dedicated and innovative communicator with a wealth of experience as a reading teacher, middle school interventionist, algebra teacher, site coordinator, basketball head coach and athletic director. Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Polska GD, reading teacher and appointed member of building & structure committee for the City of Kirby. Former Vice-President and Director of Workforce Development of A&E Consulting, I have extensive experience working with persons from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. I am a proven communicator and problem solver, and have success working with local government, adults and students, effectively communicating and problem solving with excellent results.

We see education evolving often without any involvement of faculty, students, and citizens. We should welcome participation of all interested in the process. It is important that students are getting the quality education they truly deserve. However in recent years I have witnessed that those who are the most interested in education - teachers and students have less chance of being involved. It's time for everyone to stand up for the future of children.

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